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The Official Website of the 

Archducal House of Duckionary

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His Royal Highness

Archduke Arthur I

Arthur de Tourneau has been Archduke of Duckionary since 10 March 2022 and was crowned by an Honorary Papal Chaplain on 25 August 2023.

De Tourneau has already given speeches at several international summits and is a co-organiser of the Micro Euro Summit.

Detailed article accessible here


This is the official website of the Royal Family of Duckionary. Written and maintained by the Royal Family at Palais d'Aurelio, the site aims to provide an authoritative source of information about the monarchy and the Royal Family, both past and present. The site provides information on the role of the monarchy in modern society, genealogy of the ruling family, the coronation of Archduke Arthur, the Archducal Guard, information on royal residences, and coverage of current royal engagements.

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The family tree of the family goes back to 1204 to Hugo von Bar who was hereditary bailiff of the bishopric of Osnabrück. The ranks of the ancestors include notable personalities such as noblemen, diplomats, directors, artists, huguenots, politicians, etc. The family archive can be used by relatives or persons with a demonstrable interest.

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Royal Household

The Royal Houshold is made up of the Travelling Marshal, Court Chaplain, Court Marshal, Master of Ceremonies, Photographer, Court Archivist, Crown Councillors, Privy Councillors, Security Staff, Nobles and Secretaries of the Archducal Family. It is also responsible for the administration of the Royal Residences .

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House Law of the Family

On 12 May 2023, Archduke Arthur established the House Law of the Archducal Family, which regulates matters relating to descendants, adoption, marriage and titles of family members.

The House Law can be viewed here



Official trips have already taken Archduke Arthur to Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy. He has also taken part in numerous international events, state visits and cultural activities in the region.


Archducal Guard

The Archducal Guard of Duckionary was founded in 2023 by Archduke Arthur to ensure protection for the Archducal Family when travelling and making official appearances. The Colonel of the Guard is Jan-Olav Spiekermann and the uniform will be presented at Chyše Castle on 20 July 2024.



Archduke Arthur was crowned by an Honorary Papal Chaplain at Hagenau Castle on 25 August 2023. Official photographs and film footage are available on request.

More information about the Crown Jewels here

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Initiatives and Actions

Archduke Arthur and his family are strongly committed to community and diplomacy. The family is also a strong supporter of Christianity, Judaism, art, culture and the preservation of customs.

Information on Purveyors to the court here

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Contact the Archduke

Information on where to write to the Archduke or another member of the Royal Family, and how to contact an office or department in the Royal Household.

The protocol can be found here

Etiquette in the Presence of the Royal Family here

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