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Civic Association

Founded: 01 September 2022
Chairman: Arthur de Tourneau

The Civic Association of Duckionary is a civic association that aims to serve as a liaison between citizens and government and to connect citizens with each other. It regularly organizes citizen meetings in different cities and countries to provide opportunities for exchange and collaboration.

An important part of the Civic Association of Duckionary are the so-called ribbons, which are awarded for special activities and achievements. These ribbons serve as a recognition of the dedication and work done by the members of the civic association. They show that the person wearing them has made an important contribution to the community and are a sign of recognition and appreciation.

Overall, the Civic Association of Duckionary is an important organization that helps improve citizen-government relations and strengthen the community. It offers citizens the opportunity to get involved and contribute their ideas and concerns and is committed to the interests of the community.

In order to participate in the activities of the Civic Association, the citizenship of Duckionary is necessary.


Civic Association Order 2023.jpg
Membership Order of the Civic Association of Duckionary
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