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Nobility of Duckionary

Duckionary nobility is an important part of social life and is held in high esteem. There are various titles that can be bestowed by the ruling monarchy including archduke, duke and earl.

The titles are very rarely bestowed by the sovereign. They are usually awarded to people who have made outstanding contributions to the well-being of the micronation and who have made special achievements. The titles are hereditary, meaning they are passed on to offspring and cannot be bought.

The nobility in Duckionary enjoy special privileges and privileges that set them apart from the rest of the populace. For example, they have access to special facilities and events and are usually given preferential treatment.

Overall, the nobility plays an important role in the duckionary and is an important part of the societal structure. Admired and respected by many citizens, he helps preserve Duckionary's monarchy and traditional values.


In the summer of 2023, three long-time citizens of Duckionary were elevated to the peerage for the first time.

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