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Order of Knights

The purpose of the Order of Knights of Duckionary is the worship of chivalry, the cultivation of chivalry and a knightly view of life.

He supports the multinational state idea, the increased need for cooperation between states and is committed to a unified, self-confident micro-national community.

The Order is elitist. Admission takes place exclusively after a reviewed proposal by a member of the order or by the government.

Grand Master of the Order: Arthur C. de Tourneau

The first inauguration ceremony is scheduled to take place in July 2024 at Chyše Castle in the Czech Republic.

The Archduke is endeavouring to endow a knightly order for patrons in spring2024.


Attention! Since we are getting more and more requests from title collectors (such are not wanted in Duckionary), we would like to make it clear that knighthood in Duckionary is not something you have to buy, but something you have to earn. As the Order is elitist, only a handful of members are admitted. We do not just give knighthoods away randomly (as other micronations do) but deliberately keep the number of members small in order to preserve the value of these titles.


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