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Duckionary, an emerging country with a singlelike political landscape, has developed into an intriguing governance case in recent years. With a clear vision of equality, monarchy and democracy, Duckionary created a government based on the principle of collective decision-making.

The political landscape is characterized by a diversity of offices representing a wide range of ideologies. The first man in the state is the archduke, and all decisions and laws must be approved by him. The Archduke is also Prime Minister in personal union, both offices are for life. In order to have some democracy, there is the office of the Minister of the Interior, which is democratically elected by the people. These three offices are assisted by a multitude of ministers, high councilors, crown councillors, privy councilors and advisers. This system gives Duckionary citizens a powerful voice in political decisions.

Duckionary politics is also characterized by the active involvement of people in politics through polls and referendums and citizen questioning sessions.

The government meets physically several times a year in Austria or Germany for meetings at which all important issues are dealt with.

Next meeting: 28 December 2023

Location: Schärding am Inn, Austria

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Regierung und Botschafter: Teammitglieder

Members of the Government

Krönung 2023 Hagenau (70).jpg

Arthur de Tourneau


Prime Minister


Anette de Tourneau

Foreign Minister


Jan Olav Spiekermann


Ambassador for the

Republic of Užupis

Special Envoy to the

Free Republic of Liberland


Ursula Loibner

High Councilor

Regierung und Botschafter: Team
jakob in passau.jpg

Jakob Wünsch

High Councilor


Bernhard de Tourneau

High Councilor



Bürger Meeting W_edited.jpg

Katrin Wünsche

High Councilor


Diplomatisches Treffen Berlin 2023 (8)_edited.jpg

Dr. Detlef Seydel

Crown Councilor

Bürger Meeting W_edited.jpg

Eduard Wiesner

Crown Councilor

Diplomatisches Treffen Berlin 2023 (10) 2_edited.jpg

Monsignore Dr. Hans

Crown Councilor

Travel Marshal

Press Attaché


Michael Roscher

Environmental Consultant

Image by Cytonn Photography


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Ongoing government projects


Constitutional reforms


Expansion of the Duckionary Post


Hosting the 2023 Christmas Party


Further development of Panagua


Expansion of diplomatic missions

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Treueversprechen Duckionary 2022.png
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