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Geographical location
The Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary is an european micronation encompassing 4.35 km2 of land surrounded by Austria, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Croatia. 

It is important to note that the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary is more than a website and is a physical nation on actual land.

A visa is required to enter any area of Duckionary and must be obtained in advance. Information about visas can be found at the bottom of this page.


Archduchy of

Duckionary's heartland features a flagpole, signs, and other structures. The Archducal Office and the seat of government are located here. This part of Duckionary will be open for guided tours from 2025.

Merged into Duckionary: 24 August 2018

Status: Archduchy


Sultanate of

Smolkanistan is one of the oldest parts of Duckionary. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Science is located here, as well as an office of the Archduke.

Merged into Duckionary: 25 August 2018

Status: Sultanate


County of

Sandfield is a small patch of land surrounded by two rivers. The Archduke first entered this area in 2019. Many naval missions of the Royal Navy of Duckionary start here.

Merged into Duckionary: 21 December 2019

State: County


Princely County of

The Princely County of  Biberland is located in a large forest area that is completely surrounded by Austria. The area is on a river and is inhabited by many beavers.

Merged into Duckionary: 10 April 2020

Status: Princely County

Biberland (3).jpg

Duchy of

The Principality of Panagua is a 0.45 km2 terra nullius (no man's land) between Serbia and Croatia. One of Duckionary's goals is to develop Panagua and make it one of the first environmentally friendly states.

Merged into Duckionary: 14 July 2021

Status: Duchy

Screenshot 2022-08-25 174928.png

Duchy of

The Duchy of Arcanus is a Duckionary State Conservation Area. It is located in a wooded valley surrounded by Italy. In Arcanus there are ruins of an old hermitage.

Merged into Duckionary: 20 August 2021

Status: Duchy


County of

The county of Kozel lies in the shadow of the Divci Kamen castle ruins in the Czech Republic. The Vltava River, which is used for Duckionary's naval missions, flows through Kozel.

Merged into Duckionary: 04 October 2021

Status: County


County of

Lipinsula County is an island surrounded by the Czech Vltava reservoir. 

Entry is prohibited without Royal Navy authorization as Lipinsula is a key port of call for Navy boats. 

Merged into Duckionary: 10 August 2022

Status: County

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