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Royal Navy of Duckionary

Duckionary's Royal Navy is an important part of the country's military, tasked with protecting the sea lanes and citizens, conducting research and providing defense when needed. It is organized into a main base on the mainland and other bases on the major rivers. The Navy frequently participates in exercises to maintain operational readiness and trains its soldiers in national exercises.

The current Admiral at the head of the Navy is Arthur C. de Tourneau. The Navy operates in various regions, including the Inn, Danube and Moldau, Adriatic and Black Seas, and has a naval base on the island of Fergeninsel in the Inn.



- Admiral: Arthur C. de Tourneau
Sailing license for Austria, Adria, Black Sea

- First Lieutenant at Sea: Jakob Wünsch

Sailing experiences

- Second Lieutenant at Sea: Fabius M. de Tourneau

- Third Lieutenant at Sea: Gerold Anschober

Sailing license


The Royal Navy of Duckionary is planning to open a naval academy (the Obscuro-Duckonian Helgi Hallvarðsson Naval Academy) for citizens and foreign delegates in the coming months of 2024. Initial talks have already been held with Jan-Olav Spiekermann, who will make himself available as a lecturer.

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