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Corps Consulaire et Diplomatique

As a diplomat of Duckionary, you have the opportunityit to play an important role in representation and exchange with other nations. You will help to strengthen and promote relationships between Duckionary and other nations.

However, to become a Duckionary diplomat, you must first have held Duckionary citizenship for at least two months. You should also have a deep knowledge of our culture and values to be able to represent our nation in an informed and appropriate manner.

The diplomats are appointed by the Archduke but are under the administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to which they also submit an annual report on their work.

There are four ranks within the Corps. Starting with the ambassador responsible for a UN state or micronation, through a consul for a city or a specific region, honorary consul also in a city or region but with limited powers and consular correspondent without a fixed office.

All Duckionary diplomatic missions should also be professionally equipped and are therefore required to be able to produce physical products such as stamps, postcards, flags or signs. This helps to emphasize the professional work and the representation of our countrysupport. At Duckionary's official online store, verified diplomats can purchase special products to set up their office.

Diplomats receive their official credentials when they take up their duties. 

Become a Duckionary diplomat and help strengthen and promote our country's ties with other nations. You will be part of a team committed to representing Duckionary's interests and values on the international stage.

Duckionary's diplomatic missions can be viewed on the "Foreign Representations" page. 


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