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  Duckionary Online Store

Here you will find various Duckionary products. Support your nation by buying stamps, flags, buttons or t-shirts! 


Payment method: PayPal

Shipping costs:   Stamps worldwide: 2 euros

                           Buttons, flags and other products worldwide: 7 euros

                           Signs worldwide: 20 euros

Aufkleber 2.jpg


40x40mm size

over 200 pieces in stock

Available immediately!

Bierdeckel Duckionary 2023.jpg

Duckionary Beermat

93x93mm size

100 pieces in stock

Available immediately!

Banknote set

5 bills and plastic case

good quality

Available immediately!

Products exclusively for Duckionary Diplomats

The following products are only for members of the "Corps Consulaire et Diplomatique" available from Duckionary. The delivery time is about 3 weeks. You can get the prices by sending an email to

  • Signs saying "Embassy" or "Consulate"

  • Sationery

  • Business cards

  • Labels

  • Email address (e.g    FREE OF CHARGE!

  • Envelopes

  • Flag pins (several months delivery time!)

  • Rubber stamp

  • Archduke as cardboard cutout (very exclusive 😀)

  • Duckionary posters

  • Brochures and postcards (soon)

  • and much more!

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