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Here is an overview of Duckionary's history. Only the most important events and activities are mentioned in this list. Due to a lack of online presence in the years 2018-2020, little data survives from these years or the activity was lower than today.


August 24: Duckionary is founded

August 25: The first laws are passed

September 9th: First ideas about a currency are collected


August 13: HE Ursula Loibner is named Duckionary's first ambassador


October 25: The constitution is declared valid by the archduke

October 26: The lyrics to the national anthem are written


February 1: Duckionary opens an embassy in Germany

March 16: Duckionary's first meeting takes place

April 26: Duckionary launches a YouTube channel

June: Duckionary takes off on the Internet

July 3rd: The first passports are issued

July 4: State visit from Obscurium

July 23 Duckionary claims pocket 1, aka Panagua

August 2nd: The planning work for the Micro Euro Summit 2022 begins

03 August: Improved flags and coats of arms are released

August 25: The first stamps are issued

August 27: The first "foreign" citizen joins

October 18: License plates are issued for the first time

October 19: A Duckionary embassy opens in Malta

October 21: A Duckionary embassy opens in Italy

October 29: A Duckionary Embassy in Estonia opens

November 26: A Duckionary embassy opens in Mexico

December 13: The Duckionary Post posts a postmark

December 19: The second meeting takes place

December 21: The Archduke meets with an ambassador in Germany

25 December: The Archduke's Christmas speech is broadcast live

December 31: Duckionary New Year's Eve Celebration


January 03: A Passport Control stamp is released

January 22: A Duckionary Embassy in the UK opens

January 24: Duckionary issues medals for the first time

January 24 Citizenship requests open to the general public

March 9: The titles of Emperor and President are changed by decree to Archduke and Prime Minister

March 28: ID cards are issued to active citizens for the first time

March 31: Diplomatic meeting with Sultan Randy of Slowjamastan in Munich

11 June: Citizens' meeting and cultural trip

24-26 June: Micro Euro Summit 2022

June 25: Duckionary signs the Chyse Charter

June 26: The "Marvelous Culture Award" is presented for the first time

June 30: Duckionary in the press (Denik N newspaper)

July 20: State visit to Kugelmugel

August: The Archducal Office is inaugurated

06-14 August: State visit by Obscurium

August 9: Diplomatic meeting with a Seborga diplomat in Munich

August 12: First naval mission to an uninhabited island in the Inn

September 3rd: Citizens' meeting in an Austrian mansion, attended by nine citizens

October: Three signs are installed in Duckionary

October 26: First edition of "The Duckionary Observer"

October 28 Citizenship requests for the vast majority are suspended

October 31 Duckionary breaks world record for largest micronational flag

November 1: Duckionary is part of the book "How To Rule Your Own Country"

November 9th: Duckionary is admitted to the Montediszamble Convention

November 9: Diplomatic missions are gradually equipped with signs

November 10: A Duckionary consulate opens in Berlin

November 12: The Settlement Association is officially formed

December 8th: Citizens' excursion to Munich

December 22: Diplomatic meeting with Ambassador Wünsch

December 26: Video conference with Ambassador Loibner

December 29: Christmas party and assembly

31 December: New Year's Eve party at Duckionary


January 12: Duckionary Citizens and Supporters Meeting with ten participants

January 19 - 26: Cultural Exchange with the Kingdom of Atlia

February 1: New medals and redesigns of old medals are presented

February 11: Duckionary attends he G16 summit hosted by Vishwamitra

February 11: Duckionary talks to two Microfrancophonie staff about possible Duckionary membership

February 13: An environmental summit and signing of an Environmental Agreement with Atlia takes place

February 15: A Duckionary Consul visits the Sealand play "Radioland" in Berlin

February/March: Duckionary's online shop is expanded

February 20: Duckionary carnival party with eleven participants

March 03: A Duckionary delegation attends the 5th Obscurium Declaration Day in Kiel (Germany)

March 08: The Archduke and the Consul for Berlin hold an official meeting

March 13: The Central Bank of Duckionary issues a coin for the first time.

March 17: The Archduke speaks with the Minister of Justice of Liberland about Panagua.

March: Diplomatic relations are established with the Karno-Ruthenian Empire

March: A multiple franking over Duckionary and the Kongeriget Elleore takes place

March 25: Ethos Island and Duckionary sign a treaty of mutual recognition

01 April: April Fool: Volapük becomes the administrative language of Duckionary

03 April: Duckionary Radio returns

06 April: Dragon excursion and diplomatic meeting in Furth im Wald (DE) with Obscurium

22 April: The Royal Airforce of Duckionary takes off on a mission in Duckonian airspace in an airplane

01 May: All official documents of Duckionary get a redesign

12 May: Complete Statute of the Royal House of Duckionary is created and signed by Archduke Arthur I.

12 May: The Archduke and the Consul for Berlin hold an official meeting

24 May: The banknotes design is published

26 May: The Coat of Arms of the Archduke, with all the coats of arms of the Crown Lands is unveiled

02 - 04 June: The Foreign Minister is on a diplomatic mission to embassy of Duckionary in Portugal

16 June: Reform of the consititution

18 June: Archduke Arthur I. ennobles two citizens

28 June: New stamp series are unveiled

14–16 July, Micro Euro Summit 2023

28 July: Diplomtatic Meeting with Obscurium in Vienna, visit to the "Republik Kugelmugel"

30 July: New Stamp for First Day Issues

5 August: Three new stamps for the Archduke and the Duckionary Post

11–13 August: Attendance at MicroCon EU 2023 in Ypres

20 August: Treaty signed with the Republic of Užupis and the Principality of Aigues-Mortes

23 August - 03 September: State Visit of President Antonov of Obscurium in Duckionary

24 August: Celebrations for 5 years of Duckionary started with a garden party and with burying of a time capsule

25 August: Coronation of Archduke Arthur by a honorary papal chaplain, release of new national anthem and coronation fanfare

26 August: Cultural trip to Bohemia on occasion of the jubilee

2 September: Signing of a "Treaty on Enhanced Friendship, Trade and Military Cooperation" with Obscurium

06 September: State visit to the Federated Micronations of Musania and Diplomatic Dinner with representatives of Obscurium, Užupis, Musania, Obsidia and Duckionary in Berlin

19 September: Monogram of Archduke Arthur is unveiled

September: Duckionary is featured on a double-page spread in the magazine "Galaktischer Futurist No 48", published by Ambassador Ilia Kitup von Uzupis

20 September: Duckionary gets a small contribution in a large podcast about micronational football

01 October: The consul of Duckionary for Berlin went on a one-month diplomatic tour through India

09 October: Diplomatic Mission of Archduke Arthur to Luxembourg

13 October: Duckionary stamp cancelled by German Post Office

14 - 15 October: Archduke Arthur attends the Liberty in Our Lifetime Conference in Prague virtually

14 October: A stamp for the Berlin consulate is presented

20 October: The Duchy of Bardo and Duckionary sign a treaty

25 October: Duckology seminar with 11 participants led by the Archduke andone of his ambassadors

30 October: A postal stamp on the occasion of the diplomatic meeting in Berlin and a commemorative stamp regarding the MES23 is issued and brought to the post office with the bicycle of the bicycle mail service

03 November: A joint stamp issue with the Republic of Užupis is issued

03 November: Registration for the Micro Euro Summit 2024 opens

06 November: Letter with Duckionary stamp is carried by Austrian Post

20 November: Diplomatic meeting between Consul Dr. Detlef Seydel and Archduke Arthur in Upper Austria, Archduke is driven with blue lights

22 November: Emblems for the Archducal Guard and for the Mounted Guard of Duckionary are supplied by the designer Zar Antonov

01 December: Issue of the Christmas stamp with accompanying postcard, there was also a special postcard in German in Kurrent script

06 December: Ethos Island and Duckionary sign the St Nicholas Agreement on the foundation of the Duckonian Union, 13 December: Archduke Arthur visits Duckionary and Ethos Island. December: Archduke Arthur visits the Embassy of Arcadia in Munich and meets with Ambassador Max Haarich of Uzupis in Munich

15 December: An exchange of stamps with the Liberland Post Office takes place

22 December: Exchange of stamps with Satoshi, December: Duckionary receives Christmas postcards from Obscurium, Pavlov, Molossia, Aigues-Mortes and Slabovia

25 December: Christmas speech by Archduke Arthur. December: Christmas speech by the Archduke

28 December: A letter to Panagua with Duckionary stamps is returned by post as the address is unknown

28 December: Four new passports and a driving licence for Duckionary are presented

28 December: Christmas party and meeting with twelve participants

29 December: Participation in the Digi Micro Summit


01 January: Foundation of the Duckonian Union

02 January: The parrot protection campaign ends with a result of 205 euros

06 January: Diplomatic meeting in Berlin with twelve participants (Obscurium, Duckionary, Musania/yourstamps, New Rubix, Pleiso, Mekniy-Lurk/MicroWiki)

09 January: Archduke Arthur registers for the Godet d'Or 2024 in Aigues-Mortes

10 January: The Duckonian Union passports are presented

18 January: The stamp for the MES24 is presented

23 January: The stamp for the Special Mail Service of the MES is presented

06 February: Duckionary's online shop is updated and reopened

07 February: Duckionary opens a profile on the "Instagram" platform

11 February: Duckionary's Patreon page is updated and expanded

15 February: Two more Duckionary citizens sign up for the MES24

16 February: The founding of the "Duckological Society" is approved by the Austrian authorities

29 February: The Obscuro-Duckonian Helgi Hallvarðsson Naval Academy is founded

04 March: The society appoints its board and this is approved by the authorities

16 March: A new stamp is issued

23-24 March: State visit to the Kingdom of Romkerhall together with Tsar Antonov and Mister Olsen of Obscurium, 24-27 March: State visit to the People's Republic of Edristan

26 March: Diplomatic meeting with MFA Duke Yvan Bertjens, Foreign Minister of the Royal Republic of Ladonia in Aachen and Kelmis

01 April: April Fool's joke ‘The German city of Bielfeld does not exist’

01 April: A new issue of the ‘Duckionary Observer’ is published

06 April: Archducal decree on the ‘Lands of the Crown of Arthur’

08 April: Baked cheese with tartar sauce is established as a national dish

11 April: A block of three of the first three Duckionary stamps, limited to 10 blocks, is issued

11 April: The new ‘Diplomatic Mail’ stickers are presented

18 April: Duckionary launches a page on Wonderlink to bring together all important links

02 May: Naval mission to the Fergeninsel in the Inn (Austria)

03 May: A commemorative stamp is issued to mark the 2024 Berlin Meeting

03 May: A phiatelic brochure for spring 2024 is published

07 May: The design of the 100 and 200 Duckaten banknotes is presented

14 May: Duckionary presents a new logo for the website and for the association

16 May: Buttons for members of the military are released

16 May: The Medal of Friendship and the Order of the Golden Cockatoo are redesigned

22 May: Consul Dr Detlef Seydel visits the Republic of Kugelmugel in Vienna

24 May: The two new banknotes can be pre-ordered

25 May: An emblem for the Order of Cultural Patronage is presented

25 May: Prince Stephen of Dracul and Archduke Arthur hold an audio conference

28 May: The postal brochure is printed for exhibition purposes

29 May: A treaty of recognition and postal agreement is signed with the Frya Nordland Territories

29 May: The proceeds from the parrot conservation campaign are passed on to a suitable organisation

01 June: The post of Prime Minister is abolished, the Ministry of the Interior is renamed the Ministry of the Interior and Home Affairs and Jan-Olav Spiekermann is appointed Minister-designate

02 June: Arthur de Tourneau becomes Dean of the Faculty in and around micronations at Uzupis University

The future brings great things!

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