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Welcome to the national website of Panagua!
A compact nation nestled in Southeastern Europe, is resolutely dedicated to upholding democratic principles, fostering ethnic harmony, advancing modernization, safeguarding the environment, and pursuing a plethora of other noble aspirations.

What is Panagua?
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Panagua is the capital and a duchy of Duckionary and is a pint-sized nation situated in Southeastern Europe, nestled snugly between the borders of Croatia and Serbia, tracing the course of the majestic Danube River.

The birth of Panagua as an

semi-independent entity was officially declared on the 13 July 2021

Originally, the independent territory came into being due to an existing border dispute between Croatia and Serbia, however, it was not claimed by any nation, entity or private institution and has thus been a Terra Nullius (no man's land at the international level) since the Croatian War of Independence (1990s).

Green Commitment of Panagua

At the heart of the identity of Panagua lies a steadfast commitment to ecological responsibility. This small but ambitious nation is fervently dedicated to forging a harmonious relationship with the environment, employing an extensive array of visionary initiatives and tangible goals aimed at drastically reducing its ecological impact. Through a dedication to sustainable practices, Panagua aspires to set an inspiring example for nations worldwide.

The Resonance of Voices in Panagua

In the vivid tapestry of Panagua, every citizen holds an equally vibrant thread, all free from the looming specter of governmental oppression. The legal framework is painstakingly constructed to be the guardian of its citizens' rights and the torchbearer of equality. Here, every individual is embraced as an equal member of the Panaguan family, transcending barriers of religion, nationality, ethnicity, and more.

The Pursuit of Global Acknowledgment

In the corridors of Panaguan power, there echoes a resolute desire – to attain international recognition. The Government yearns for Panagua to be acknowledged as an independent sovereign state by the global community, a recognition that is eagerly anticipated and diligently pursued.

Where is Panagua located?

Panagua is located at Pocket 1 on the Croatian-Serbian border near the towns of Batina and Apatin. 

The Free Republic of Liberland is located just a few kilometers south of Panagua.

Below you will find the Google Maps entry as well as the tourism website of Panagua

On 13 July 2021, Panagua was proclaimed a territorial dependency by Duckionary and declared property under international law.

Panagua will be developed into a modern and sustainable city with approximately 90% of the land area being built on and the remaining 10% and some parts of the water area serving as a source of energy and recreation for the citizens.

It is planned that up to 800 people will be able to live in Panagua by 2040. 

As a location on the Danube, Panagua is ideally suited for freight traffic that can flow to a terminal. In the future, an industrial railway will serve the area, allowing for both freight and passenger traffic.


Panagua's central location means that the fourth largest city in Croatia, Osijek, is only 50 minutes away by car (hydrogen only). It is only 30 minutes to Sombor, Serbia with 60,000 inhabitants.


Since December 2022, the Governemnt of Duckionary officially holds written permission from the Croatian authorities to enter the territory of Panagua.

Official Languages: English, Croatian, Serbian
Government: Duchy with elements of Direct Democracy
Established: 13 July 2021
Currency: Duckat
Timezone: Central European Time (CET)
Date format: dd/mm/yyyy

ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 Code: PN

ISO 3166-1 Alpha 3 Code: PAU


Besiedelungsplan Panagua 2024.png
Panagua Plan 2024.png
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