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Parliamentary Monarchy Duckionary

The Duckionary Parliamentary Monarchy is a sovereign state divided into eight small territories in Europe. It is a 4.35 km² country. The founder and head of state is Archduke Arthur C. de Tourneau. Duckionary is a parliamentary monarchy with elements of direct democracy. The country´s motto is: Tolerance in society must ensure that every citizen is free to believe what he or she wants.


Here is basic information about Duckionary.


Archduke´s introduction stating purpose and aims.


News, updates and statements released by the government.


Duckionary has a modern and functioning government.


Duckionary´s constitution is over 40 pages long and liberal.

Foreign representations

Duckionary maintains a variety of diplomatic missions.

Royal Navy

The naval forces are part of the national defense.


Duckionary works with a number of well-known micronations.

The Archduke

Arthur C. de Tourneau is Duckionary´s head of state.

Public Calendar