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This page gives you access to all current government vacancies and jobs for which you may qualify as an applicant. To be eligible for any of these positions, you must hold Duckionary citizenship. So be sure you meet this requirement before applying. We wish you every success in your search for the perfect position!

Minister of Communications

Tasks: Administration and expansion of the website and online presence 

Requirements: Able to work with WIX and social media sites

Minister for Immigration, Customs and Civic Association

Responsibilities: Processing citizenship applications, supervising imports/exports in Duckionary, leading the Civic Association

Requirements: Able to work with forms, communication skills, organizational skills

Minister of Transport

Task: Overcoming the logistical challenge of Duckionary, managing the shop

Requirements: Internet knowledge, financial knowledge

Minister for Posts and Telecommunications

Responsibilities: Head of Duckionary Post and National Telecommunications

Requirements: Graphic skills, telecommunications skills

Minister of Transport

Tasks: Coordination of traffic and traffic infrastructure in Duckionary

Requirements: Organizational skills, knowledge of physics

Minister of Nature and Agriculture      Position already taken! 

Tasks: Monitoring and renaturation of Duckionary's nature and agriculture

Requirements: Environmental awareness

Minister of Homeland

Tasks: Maintaining our culture and traditions

Requirements: Knowledge of our culture and identity

Minister for Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection

Responsibilities: Ensuring nuclear safety around and in Duckionary, offering consumer protection to our citizens

Requirements:Knowledge of physics, market law

Minister of Natural Resources

Responsibilities: Coordinating and supervising the mining of Duckionary's mineral resources

Requirements: No special ones

Member of the Archducal Guard

Task: Guarding the Archduke on official occasions

Requirements: Lives within 100km of Duckionary, police knowledge, flexible schedule 

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