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Crown Council

The Crown Council of Duckionary (or Council of the Crown) is an important advisory body to the Archduke of Duckionary. This council is made up of three of the country's wisest and most experienced citizens and nobles.


The Crown Council meets annually in the Archduke's office and discusses the most important issues affecting the country. These range from the economy to defence and the environment. Each member of the Crown Council has one vote and decisions are usually taken by ballot. The Crown Council has no political decision-making powers, but is an advisory body to the Archduke. 


The members of the Crown Council are three wise and experienced citizens who have often worked for many years in the civil service or in other important positions. They are known for their ability to make wise decisions and keep the needs of the people of Duckionary in mind. Members remain on the Crown Council until death or resignation. The council consists of a maximum of three members. Traditionally, the Duckionary Crown Council consists of a clergyman, a scientist and a businessman.


The Crown Council consists of the following three members (as of April 2024)

- Monsignor Dr Hans

- Dr Detlef Seydel

- Eduard Wiesner

Privy Council

The Duckionary Privy Council is a mysterious and secretive body that works for the government, but few people really know what goes on behind its closed doors.

The Secret Council's main office is somewhere in Western Europe. The privy council is secret and should remain so, which is why this council works exclusively analog without the use of technical devices.

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