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Archducal Guard

The Duckionary Archduke's Guard is an elite unit within the defense apparatus, distinguished by their special training, military prowess, and loyalty to the Duckionary dynasty. Founded by Archduke Arthur in 2022, the Guard is made up of highly trained soldiers distinguished by courage, bravery and loyalty.

The Guard is responsible for protecting the Duckionary dynasty and government, and also participates in military operations at home and abroad. She is also responsible for security during state visits and important state occasions, and demonstrates her military precision and discipline at official parades. However, the Guard does not carry weapons, it is purely representative.

The training of the Guard is extremely demanding and takes meher years. It includes both military and civilian subjects and places high demands on the physical and mental fitness of the soldiers. After their training, the members of the Archducal Guard are at peak military efficiency and ready for action at any time.

The Archducal Guard is held in high esteem in Duckionary society and its members are regarded as role models. They wear splendid uniforms and are proud to be part of this elite unit. The Guard represents discipline, honor and the fulfillment of duty. 


The Archducal Guard is currently led by Colonel Jan-Olav Spiekermann.

The Duckionary Mounted Guard, consisting of a rider and a horse, are subordinate to the Archducal Guard.

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