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Here you will find a compilation of information on particularly frequently asked questions:

Is Duckionary a real state?

Yes. You've been looking at this website for a few minutes and asking this question? We are working hard to get recognition from the UN. Duckionary already has a profile in the NGO Branch of the United Nations.


Can I become more than a citizen?

First you need citizenship. Visit our "Join us" page and read the information there carefully! Then, if you are remarkably active and have good ideas, you will be promoted. There are many positions such as journalist, judge, high commissioner for the constitution, police commissioner, ....


What is the legal status of Duckionary?

Duckionary has the status of a sovereign state and acts in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. We also operate as a registered association in Austria.

Can I visit or move to Duckionary?

No. However, it is possible to visit our crown land Panagua (see "Panagua" page). All other areas of Duckionary cannot be visited, let alone settled by foreigners.

Can I get a passport from Duckionary?

No. Duckionary only issues passports and identity cards to long-time and trusted citizens. An application is NOT possible.

Can I start a business in Duckionary?

It is not possible to start a business in Duckionary.

Can I participate in Duckionary projects and activities?

Yes, we welcome the participation and contributions of members and interested parties to our projects and activities.

Can I propose a new project or initiative in Duckionary?
Yes, we encourage members and citizens to propose and implement new ideas and initiatives.

What is the best way to keep up to date with Duckionary's activities?

You can subscribe to our official communication channels on social networks or visit our website regularly to stay informed about the latest activities and developments. 

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