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Duckonian Union

Flag Duckonian Union.png

The founding of the Duckonian Union was decided on

06 December 2023 by the ‘Saint Nicholas Agreement’ between Ethos Island and the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary. The Union was finally formally established on 01 January 2024. The union promotes common values such as cooperation, cultural exchange and peace. Our focus is on fostering positive relationships between different micronational entities and creating creative opportunities for collaboration. Some of the planned co-operation and projects include the field of navy, sports, seasteading, panagua, education and island territory.


The ceremonial head of the Duckonian Union is Arthur de Tourneau and Jan-Olav Spiekermann serves as Senator of the Union.


Member states as of 25 April 2024:

- Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary

- Ethos Island

- Kingdom of Arkaland


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