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There are numerous captivating roles available in the realm of micronationalism, catering to every individual's passion and interests. Within Duckionary, one can embark on a diplomatic career, serve as a police officer, minister, or even assume the esteemed position of a high commissioner of the constitution. Through dedication and achievement, one can ascend the ranks within this vibrant community.

We extend a warm invitation to anyone intrigued by the prospect of being part of a community committed to constructing a new nation. If you wish to participate, kindly complete the form provided below.

Duckionary, as a Parliamentary Monarchy, holds itself accountable as a responsible micronation. It seeks to uphold its legal status, values, and beliefs. Therefore, it is imperative that all applicants possess a genuine understanding of and respect for these principles. We kindly request that you provide accurate and truthful information while completing the form.

Obtaining Duckionary citizenship is free of charge and carries no additional obligations and fees, other than honoring and respecting Duckionary laws, activities, traditions, and citizens.

Guidelines for New Citizens: (effective 05/01/2022)

  • You are at least 18 years old

  • They accept that the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary - despite the name and appearance - is an organization and a community and not (yet) a nation state and therefore it is not possible to move to Duckionary, it is not possible to visit Duckionary, it is not possible to make money with Duckionary, etc.

  • You show an interest in participating in activities in and for Duckionary and are not just applying because a friend or someone else asked you to

  • You have a clear idea of how to participate in Duckionary activities and how to possibly improve them.

If you feel that you meet the above criteria and share our ideas and values, we invite you to join our Civic Association and fill out the citizenship application form below. A Duckionary employee will email you your citizenship document if you are granted citizenship. If you have any questions regarding the citizenship of Duckionary please feel free to contact

We do NOT issue ID cards and passports to our citizens!
Citizenship is free of charge!

Only apply if you have a real interest in being actively involved in Duckionary!!!

Duckionary citizenship benefits


You will be part of an open and attractive community


Participate in community meetings and field trips


Travel visa-free to allied micronations*


Contribute to Duckionary and you will be rewarded with medals and titles of nobility

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