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Basic info about Duckionary

Long name: Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary
Short name: Duckionary

Capital: Panagua

Area and land: 4.35 km2  in Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia and Croatia

Date of Foundation: 24 August 2018

Citizen: 28

Archduke and Prime Minister: Arthur de Tourneau

Motto: "Veritas et constantia, ad archiducem et terram"
National Anthem: Our Fatherland

Languages: German, English and Esperanto
Form of government: Parliamentary monarchy with elements of direct democracy

Demonym: Duckassen

Adjective: Duckonian

Pronunciation: dak​ʝ​ɔnari

Currency: Duckaten/Kof
National sport: Golf
National drink: Orangina® and Kofola®
National animal: Kiwi and cockatoo
National Tree: Ginko
Archducal Guard: 3 men (representative purposes only)

Mounted Guard: 1 man and 1 horse

Navy: 4 men (research purposes only)

Relationship with the United Nations: Organization profile i the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Diplomatic representations: 4

The Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary is a micronation made up of eight small regions in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe.
Duckionary is not a virtual nation simulation or game. UN recognition is one of Duckionary's goals.

A global community 

Duckionary is a European micronation focused on freedom, community, environmental protection and human rights, bringing together people of all ages and walks of life worldwide.
Duckionary also leaves its citizens; Young people and adults to creatively develop their talents and hobbies in government, communication, media, (creative) design, etc. and to organize local activities in the future. Because community is one of the most important things in the world. Duckionary maintains embassies and consulates worldwide to connect people and serve as a possible contact for UN states.

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