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State Intelligence and Security Service


Duckionary Intelligence is an organization engaged in the collection and analysis of classified information. This information can come from many sources, including electronic communications, surveillance of people, entities, and foreign governments, espionage activities, and the purchase of whistleblowers.


The State Intelligence and Security Service is employed by the government to protect national security and defend national interests.

The work of a secret service is top secret and can also be controversial as it often invades people's privacy. Intelligence agencies are often criticized for surveillance of individuals and groups, particularly when such surveillance is deemed disproportionate or unethical. Intelligence agencies must therefore be careful not to abuse their powers and that their activities remain within the law and ethical boundaries.

Despite the controversy surrounding its work, Duckionary's intelligence agency plays an important role in national security and defense of interests. It collects critical information that helps governments understand and mitigate threatening situations, and helps ensure national security.

Since Duckionary's intelligence team is very small and employees have to pass many trust checks, it is not possible to apply for the service.


The secret service plans to set up a whistleblowing facility in the future.

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