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Activities not recognized by Duckionary

Unfortunately, as a recognized and successful micronation, we also have enemies and envious people who are jealous of our diverse activities and projects, such as our contacts with Kugelmugel, Seborga and others, our participation in the Micro Euro Summit and much more. This sometimes leads to false allegations and allegations against us and even misrepresentations in various organizations which we have listed below without claiming to be exhaustive.







All Duckionary websites and email addresses run under the domains,

If you receive an email pretending to be official from Duckionary but not sent from a domain listed above, it is a scam. Please report fraud cases

Listing of Duckionary's official social media profiles

Facebook: Duckionary, Arthur C. de Tourneau

Twitter: Duckionary, Archduke Arthur I of Duckionary

YouTube: Duckionary Government

Instagram: Duckionary Government

If a profile claims to be official from Duckionary but isn't in the list above, it's a scam. Furthermore, we do NOT have any Telegram and TikTik profiles. Please report any suspicion to, Thanks very much!

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