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Environmental Protection

Duckionary is dedicated to preserving and restoring the environment, among other things. The country, made up of small areas in Europe, has developed an environmental protection program aimed at protecting the country's natural resources and minimizing the impact of human activities.

The program begins by introducing recycling and waste sorting as part of everyday life. Every citizen is obliged to dispose of their waste in the appropriate bins to ensure that as much as possible can be recycled. Duckionary has also developed a special electronic waste disposal system to minimize environmental pollution from electronic devices.

Duckionary is also promoting the use of renewable energy. Most public buildings will be equipped with solar panels to meet energy needs. There are also subsidy programs for residents to install their own solar panels or wind turbines on their property. The use of hydrogen is also further pursued from Duckionary.

Another important part of the environmental protection program is the promotion of public transport and the reduction of the use of private vehicles. Duckionary will have a well-developed public transport system and will encourage the use of bicycles as an environmentally friendly mode of transport. Citizens are encouraged to use bicycles and trains as modes of transport.

Duckionary has also established wildlife sanctuaries that protect certain species of animals and plants. Citizens are called upon to respect and protect these areas. Duckionary has also launched initiatives to increase biodiversity, such as planting specific types of trees that serve as food and habitat for endangered species.

New citizens also have the option of planting a tree in a Duckionary territory for three euros.

Overall, Duckionary's conservation program is an example of how small nations and communities can help protect and preserve the environment. By embracing recycling, renewable energy, public transport and conservation, Duckionary can help minimize the negative impact of human activities on the environment and create a sustainable future.

You can find out how you can donate to Duckionary's environmental protection at this side.

For more questions about Duckionary's environmental concerns, please contact


Michael Roscher

Environmental Consultant

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