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Coronation of Archduke Arthur I

25 August 2023 will go down in the history books of the micronational world and especially in those of Duckionary. After much planning, the planning committee booked the Grand Salon at the Renaissance castle of Hagenau in the Innviertel region of Austria in May 2023. The programme began at 2pm, when the twelve guests had arrived, with a presentation on the fifth anniversary of Archduke Arthur. This was followed by the presentation of the new Duckionary National Anthem, which was composed by Jordan Grigg. President Tsar Antonov of Obscurium then gave a short speech on the friendship between the two nations. After a short break and some refreshments, the highlight of the day had arrived. A Papal Chaplain of Honour, dressed in ceremonial robes, carried the Archducal regalia (sword, imperial pear, sceptre and crown) into the room with dignity. When the jewels were laid down, the specially composed coronation fanfare sounded and Archduke Arthur entered the room - dressed in state uniform and wearing a purple mantle. The priest began the ceremony with a short welcoming speech and then presented Arthur I with a Bible, on which the monarch to be crowned swore an oath. This oath was signed by the Archduke immediately afterwards. After the national anthem was played, Arthur I was anointed with holy chrism oil. Followed by brief pauses, solemn music was played. When the music ended, the priest invested the Archduke with the insignia. Now the moment of coronation had arrived, the Papal Chaplain of Honour put the crown on Archduke Arthur I. Shortly afterwards, the citizens present swore an oath to their newly crowned monarch. After the national anthem was sung, Arthur I conferred a title of nobility, a knighthood, as well as orders and government positions on the participants. The ceremony was concluded with the benediction and closing words. 

Afterwards, the assembled community met at Frauenstein Castle for a cosy and informal dinner. 

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