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Visit the capital of Duckionary: Panagua

Visit Panagua

Panagua can currently be reached primarily by boat. There is a road to the area, but according to the Croatian authorities, there are increased border controls. If you are interested in making a trip to Panagua, please contact the Duckionary Tourist Office, located at to arrange a boat connection from Osijek or Batina. In the coming years, the Duckionary government plans to set up a monthly boat connection between Croatia and Panagua.

Tourists are strongly advised not to trek across the Croatian border to Panagua as there may still be landmines from the Croatian War of Independence in the area around Panagua.

When you visit Panagua there are many interesting activities to do. For example, you can travel along the Danube and admire the unique nature of the area. Hiking is also possible, from the river beaches to the border in less than half an hour. The region offers beautiful wildlife and clear air. There are stone footbridges on the banks of the Danube where you can enjoy a picnic.

Camping is currently restricted. We encourage you to join tours organized by the Duckionary government to ensure safety. Contact Duckionary Government for more information. In the next two years, the government plans to hire a travel agency in Croatia for camping activities and general tourism.

If you are visiting Panagua on a Duckionary organized tour, you will likely be accompanied by a government official. This is to make your trip safe and hassle-free and also to answer any questions you may have about the country, whether it's plans for Duckionary's future or the wildlife in the area.

Next scheduled guided tour of Panagua:

August 2025


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