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Welcome to the official website of the
Micronational Legal Protection Organization!

We are here to protect and defend the rights and interests of micronations

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We provide legal advice, diplomatic support, and more to support and strengthen micronations.

- Data protection

- Border conflicts

- Contact with macronational authorities

- Copyright law

- Foreign policy

- etc.

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About us

Since our founding in October 2023, MLPO has been providing legal advice to other micronations.

It is important to note that we only provide assessments and advice.

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The MLPO consists of a small team of staff members who are dedicated to addressing your concerns.

- Arthur de Tourneau 

- Jan-Olav Spiekermann

We are constantly looking for further competent employees who can demonstrate basic knowledge in the field of law.



Our micronational legal services are generally free of charge, although our staff would appreciate a small donation to our PayPal account.



Contact us at

Our staff will then contact you to ensure the best advice for your micronation.

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