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St Nicholas Agreement on the foundation of the Duckonian Union signed

On 06 December 2023, Arthur de Tourneau of Duckionary and Jan-Olav Spiekermann, the co-founder of Ethos Island, who intend to establish a city-state at sea (Seastead) in international waters within the next few years, signed an agreement on the foundation of the Duckonian Union on 1 January 2024.

The Duckonian Union is not an inter-micronational organisation, but a confederation of states designed more along the lines of a confederation.

Extract from the founding treaty, which is informally referred to as the St Nicholas Agreement, as the parties officially signed the treaty on 06 December 2023.


Both nations hereby form a Union with HRH Arthur I as ceremonial head.

The name of the Federation is: Duckonian Union.

Both nations retain their full sovereignty.

The title of HRH Arthur I is: Ceremonial Head of the Duckonian Union.

The title of HE Jan-Olav Spiekermann is: Senator of the Duckonian Union.

Other nations may join the Union at any time after negotiation.

Citizenship of the Union

Citizens of both nations are granted the rights of citizenship of this Union. This includes visa facilitation, consular assistance and the right to enter the civil service of the other nation.

Foreign Policy

The parties hereby agree to coordinate their foreign policies and to assist each other in expanding their foreign relations and diplomatic recognition.


The parties agree to the possibility of fielding joint sports teams at sporting events.

Floating city

The parties agree to jointly endeavour to establish a maritime city that can be used by both sides, with the precise modalities to be regulated in a separate agreement.


The two parties endeavour to establish the Terra Nullius ''Panagua'' on the Danube, which has been claimed by Duckionary since 2021, as a sovereign and functioning city-state in the coming decades.

Academic co-operation

The parties agree to make joint efforts to establish and jointly operate educational institutions such as a naval academy and a university in the long term, possibly with the involvement of other cooperation partners."

The Duchy of Panagua in the Balkans - The further development of this Crown Land is one of the goals of the Duckonian Union


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