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Micro Euro Summit 2023

Location: Panství Chyše, Czech Republic

Date: 14 - 16 July 2023

Total participants: 25

Micronations: 10

Scientific Observer: 1

Participating Micronations

United Republic of Obscurium (3)

Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary (5)

Republic of Waronia (1)

Ethos Island (2)

Federated Micronations of Musania (1)

Sovereign Pastafarian Order of the Noodle Patchwork Family (2)

Great Kingdom of Slitronia (3)

People's Republic of Edristan (5)

Republic of Užupis (1)

Governorate of Græcia (1)

Scientific Observer

Dr. Sandra Petermann, University of Mainz

Conference Agenda

  • Intro, words on the last summit and on the history of Chyše by Zar Antonov of Obscurium

  • "Elleore, Saugeais and Rose Island - The forefathers of today's Micronations" by Arthur I. of Duckionary

  • ”Seasteading and Micronations” by Jan-Olav Spiekermann of Ethos Island

  • "A few words on Græcia" by Quintus De Vitaliis of Græcia

  • ”Being Head of State: How to serve your people in a dignified way” by Franko Mayr of Waronia

  • ”The Danube Project, the Order and Pastafarianism” by Paul Pacceri of the Krker Order

  • ”Micronations under Gentrifications” by Thomas Čepaitis of Užupis

  • ”Quiz on Micronations and Stamps” by Jürgen Schwartz of the Federated Micronations

  • ”How to choose your National Anthem” by Zar Antonov of Obscurium

  • ”Micronational Currency: Examples, Uses and how to create your own” by Nils Seuthe of Edristan

  • ”Donald Duck and Micronationalism - Parallels” by Arthur I. of Duckionary

From 14 - 16 July 2023, the Micro Euro Summit Planning Committee, consisting of Tsar Antonov, Arthur de Tourneau and Mr Olsen, had the honour of hosting the largest inter-micronational summit in Eastern Europe to date. The venue for this year's Micro Euro Summit was the Chateau Brewery in Chyše (Czech Republic) and 24 delegates from 10 micronations came together to share their ideas, dreams and worlds. The event started with setting up the displays in the conference room and a soft opening in the afternoon of 14 July 2023 in the beer garden of the Chyše Castle Brewery and later in the restaurant.

On Saturday 15 July 2023, the conference started around 9am. Speakers shared various unique perspectives and topics with the audience. Speakers' topics included seasteading, micronational currencies, micronations under gentrification and many more. After the conference, which lasted about four hours, participants were served delicious Bohemian food in the restaurant. Afterwards, a photo shoot was held in the Chyše castle courtyard. After the interesting tour of the castle, a special event took place in the old catacombs of the Chyše brewery. The planning committee lit a hundred tea lights, prepared appetisers and played mystical music in the old catacombs. Later in the evening, the popular diplomatic dinner and awards ceremony took place in the castle restaurant.

During the dinner, many participants were presented with medals and certificates by. Arthur de Tourneau received awards from Slitronia, Edristan, Obscurium, Musania and Užupis. Mr Olsen then organised an East Frisian Baccalaureate, where the majority of the participants had to pass. That evening, as on every other, there was a night walk. On Saturday evening, we went to the currently unused Church of the Annunciation.

On Sunday 16 July 2023, the delegations from Obscurium, Duckionary, Edristan, Slitronia and Græcia took part in an exclusive bunker tour near Valeč. Afterwards, the remaining participants met at the Valeč Castle Café for coffee and cake. There they visited the sculpture park. A few brave participants also ventured into the abandoned brewery cellars in Valeč. Later that afternoon, a visit to the abandoned monastery in Chyše was on the agenda. Afterwards, the Royal Air Force of Duckionary took aerial photographs of the castle and the small town of Chyše. Afterwards, various film shoots took place with the Archduke's limousine. In the evening, the remaining delegations enjoyed Bohemian cuisine and good Chiesch beer in the restaurant's garden.

On Monday, 17 July 2023, several delegations travelled to the famous spa town of Karlovy Vary, not far from Chyše. After seeing the sights, the Micro Euro Summit 2023 was finally over and the participants started their journey home.

This marked the end of this year's Micro Euro Summit event. However, the success and positive reactions are such that another edition of the Micro Euro Summit is already being planned, which will take place in the summer of 2024. The venue has not yet been fixed, more information will follow in the coming months of 2023. Registration for MES24 will still open at the end of 2023. Until then, the memories of this remarkable event will stay in the minds of the participants for a long time!

Written by Archduke Arthur I of Duckionary on 20 July 2023.

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Stay tuned, the date for the Micro Euro Summit 2024 will be published in autumn / winter 2023. We look forward to your participation in 2024!

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