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Diplomatic Meeting Berlin 2024

On 6 January 2024, ten representatives from six micronations and two guests met for a diplomatic meeting in the German capital.

The event began with a lunch, stimulating discussions, the presentation of gifts and the awarding of medals at the "Taverna Apollon" restaurant. Afterwards, the participants went to the nearby Ernst Thälmann memorial to take pictures. In front of the monument, Obscurium and Duckionary signed the Ernst Thälmann Currency Charter.

After the photo session, some participants went to the yourstamps office to learn more about the production of stamps.

Participating nations:

  • United Republic Obscurium (2)

  • Parliamentary Monarchy Duckionary (3)

  • Republic of Pleiso (2)

  • New Rubix Republic (1)

  • United States of Mekniy and Lurk / MicroWiki (1)

  • Federated Micronations of Musania / yourstamps (1)

  • + 2 guests


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