Visit the capital of Duckionary: Panagua

Visit Panagua

Currently, Panagua is only officially accessible by boat. If you would like to visit Panagua, please contact the Duckionary at to arrange boat arrangements from Osijek/Batina.

The Government of Duckionary intends to introduce a monthly boat service between Croatia and Panagua in the coming years.

Tourists are advised not to go from the Croatian border to Panagua as there may be landmines from the Croatian War of Independence in the area.

Things to do in Panagua

Travel along the Danube
Travel along the duckasque part of the Danube to see exceptional natural scenery and beauty.

Hike around Panagua from the river beaches to the border in less than half an hour. Experience the beautiful wildlife in the area and the clear air.

This activity is currently restricted. We recommend that you use trips organised by the Duckionary Government for safety reasons. Contact the Duckionary Government for more information. We intend to use a travel agency in Croatia for camping in the next two years.

Talk to officials of the duckasque government.

If you are visiting Panagua via Duckionary Government organised tours, a Duckionary Government official will probably accompany you to ensure you have a safe trip without any problems, and also to answer any questions you may have about the country, whether about its plans for the future of Duckionary or the wildlife in the area.