Panagua is officially and legally an Outer area and the capital of the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary.

The parcel of land appeared due to an existing border dispute between Croatia and Serbia. The area had not been claimed by Croatia, Serbia, or any other nation, entity, or private entity, which left the land unclaimed (terra nullius) since the Croatian War of Independence until it was proclaimed as the an area of Duckionary on the 13 July 2021. Duckionary was the first applicant for this land and is therefore the owner under International Law.

Since Panagua is located directly on the Danube, freight traffic to a terminal can flow well. An industrial railroad serving the area with goods and possibly also passenger traffic should also run there at some point.

Panagua will become a modern, ecological and nature-oriented city. About 90% of the land area will be built on. 10% and some parts of the water area will remain natural and will provide energy and this as a place for recreation of citizens. 

However, these steps will not happen until 2035. It is planned that up to 800 people can live in Panagua.

From Panagua it is only 50 min by car (hydrogen only) to the fourth largest city in Croatia: Osijek.

To Sombor, Serbia with 60,000 inhabitants it is only 30min. So Panagua is very centrally located.

The Free Republic of Liberland is only a few kilometers away and could serve as a possible trading partner.

Freedom, Equality and Fraternity 

1) Panagua is there for its citizens
All citizens of Duckionary get the right to live in Panagua

2) Panagua works for the future
Panagua tries to make the future of mankind brighter

3) Panagua strives for recognition
Duckionary is seeking recognition from UN member states to achieve our goals. One of our goals is to have Duckionary recognized by the rest of the world as a sovereign state.

4) In Panagua everyone is equal
Free from state oppression, everyone in Panagua has a voice.

5) Panagua is environmentally conscious
Panagua strives to be the most environmentally conscious country in the world. This should range from energy production to infrastructure, everyday life and transportation.

6) Panagua is tradition conscious
Panagua preserves the old European identity combined with modernity.

7) Panagua is internet free
In Panagua, except for a few places, there will be no internet as well as social media in private use. People should talk to each other in person and do activities. 

(The Internet is currently being used to gain popularity.)

8) Autonomy
Panagua will produce its own energy. In food, technology and medicines we will look for our strong reliable European partners.

9) Land of self-reliance
In Panagua there are no 100 000 EU regulations. We want a clear, logical and normal civilized coexistence.

The four stages to settlement:

2022 - 2025:
Internet presence, Expansion of the level of awareness

Visits to Panagua. First discussions with partners, investors, authorities,...

Start of the detailed planning of the development

Completion of the construction work

Full settlement. Commencement of full government operations, tourism,...

Flag and CoA of Panagua

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The flag of Panagua
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CoA of Panagua
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Flag of Panagua
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Plan of Panagua 2022
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Panagua tableflag
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Panagua Stamps
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This plan will be processed in the near future

Stay tuned, we are creating great things!

Last update of the Panagua page: 09.11.2022