FOUNDLAND-PANAGUA is officially and legally a state project of the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary and the Foundland Social Democratic Republic since July 13, 2021.

The land is called Foundland and the city Panagua.

The territory is administered by a dual head.

Foundland is led by the Prime Minister of Duckionary and the President of Foundland.

Foundland is an outlying territory of Duckionary, yet Foundland is independent.

Duckionary and Foundland work closely together to make Foundland-Panagua possible.

Since Foundland-Panagua is located directly on the Danube, freight traffic to a terminal can flow well. An industrial railroad serving the area with goods and possibly also passenger traffic should also run there at some point.

Foundland-Panagua will become a modern, ecological and nature-oriented city. About 60% of the land area will be built on. 40% and the water area will remain natural and will provide energy. However, these steps will not happen until 2035. It is planned that up to 500 people can live in Foundland-Panagua. From Foundland-Panagua it is only 50min by car (hydrogen only) to the fourth largest city in Croatia: Osijek. To Sombor, Serbia with 60,000 inhabitants it is only 30min. So Panagua is very centrally located.

The next steps (until 2023) on the part of the governments:

* Letter to the UN
* Plan
* Brochure about Foundland-Panagua
* Visit to Foundland-Panagua
* Attract new citizens


How can I become a citizen of Foundland-Panagua?
Citizenship for Foundland-Panagua is either awarded to you for a great service to Duckionary or you apply for this.

This citizenship entitles you to live in Foundland-Panagua one day.
You can also acquire citizenship by marriage.

Are you interested in participating in and participating in a great state project?

Contact us at

Updates, news and more information can be found on the Foundland website

Pictures, Maps, CoA and Flags of Foundland:

Flag and CoA of Panagua


Flags and CoA of Foundland


Flag of the Foundland Antarctic Territories (not recognized by Duckionary)

foundland antarctic territories FLAG.png
karte foundland antartic territories.png

The danube and the beach in Foundland

Map of the Foundland Antarctic Territories (not recognized by Duckionary)

Foundland from the sky


The current infrastructure plan of Foundland!