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Diplomatic relations with other micronations

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Duckionary is a signatory of the following intermicronational treaties:

Chyše Charter on the Differentiation of Micronations and Similar, but Hostile Entities and Micronational Conduct (25 June 2022)

Montediszamble Convention (09 November 2022)

Duckionary is a member state in the following micronational organizations:

Union Against Micronational War

Micronational Postal Association

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Diplomatic Meetings/Summits/State Visits

United Republic of Obscurium

04 July 2021
in Duckionary


Republic of Slowjamastan

31 March 2022
Munich, Germany

Micro Euro Summit 2022

24 - 26 June 2022
Chyše, Czech Republic

State Visit to the Republic of Kugelmugel

19 July 2022
Republic of Kugelmugel